What to Check Before Moving into an Aged Care Home in Sydney

Sydney is a fast-paced city where everyone is buzzing to get work done. But amidst the rush, the city also has its own haven of peace that’s specially made for individuals who want a slower stride in life. Given your impending retirement, it is just about right that you already start looking for aged care Sydney homes to settle in soon.

How do you start your search to begin with and what do you look for in a place? These are the top two questions that you need to resolve before anything else? Take a quick look at this checklist before moving to a Glenhaven retirement village or any other retirement home in the Sydney area.

Facilities and Services Offered

The first thing you look for in an aged care Sydney facility is what the place has to offer for you. Do they have activities that will meet your physical, mental, and medical need? In line with that, you also need to check the kind of services that they offer. What benefits do you get after moving in and what do you enjoy for the rest of your stay? Even the little most things matter in the long run. Every Glenhaven retirement has its own unique services and amenities to offer. Make thorough research before finalising your plans.

Location of the Aged Care Home

The next important point to check is the actual location of the facility. How far is it from the city centre? Is it accessible to your family, friends, and your doctor? Although you want a place that is peaceful and quiet, you also need to ensure that you still are close enough for everyone to easily visit you. This is highly important especially if you need to have constant check-ups with your physician. You need a retirement village Glenhaven facility that is far enough from the buzzing crowd but still close enough to emergency services. Learn more at Arcare Glenhaven

How Much Will It Cost You

Above all, you need to check on how much staying in an aged care Sydney home will cost you. Moving into a retirement home is a long-time commitment on your part and on your finances. Who will be paying for the monthly or annual fees? Will your pension be able to meet all the things you have to pay for? Is your savings enough? These are the questions that you have to ask yourself before deciding to move into the retirement home.

Most homes in Sydney such as Arcare Aged Care have ready packages for its clients to choose from. Talk with the facility you want to be in and discuss how much you have to pay for with them. This also includes the terms of payment and modes there is available. The sooner this is settled the sooner you can finalise your plans.

As mentioned, moving into an aged care home is a big step to take. Start small and on the right path by checking the following points listed above. Make sure that you’ll have a safe, secure, and happy life after settling in the retirement place. Remember this checklist as you start scouting for your new home.