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Where to Buy Fresh Masa (and Masa Harina) in the U.S.

Where to Buy Fresh Masa (and Masa Harina) in the U.S.

“Nothing beats the sweet aroma of corn that comes from fresh masa and nixtamalization,” says Adriana Azcárate-Ferbel, cofounder of Three Sisters Nixtamal in Portland, Oregon. Jump down for options in masa harina—a dried version you can reconstitute to make anything you’d make with fresh masa. WestCaliforniaLa Jolla Tortilleria, Los AngelesLa Jolla Tortilleria offers non-GMO white, yellow, and red masa—and organic yellow and blue masa. La Princesita Tortilleria, Los AngelesTortilleria y Carniceria is a grocery store that sells fresh tortillas, tortilla chips, tostadas, sopes, and more. They also sell fresh masa for pickup.

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