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The Best Whiskey for Cocktails and Sipping

The Best Whiskey for Cocktails and Sipping

Here are their recommendations for the best bang-for-your-buck in bourbon, rye, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, and scotch. 3 Rules to Follow When Buying WhiskeyIn addition to recommending specific whiskey brands, our bartender crew offered some general advice for finding the best whiskey for you. The Best Bourbon for CocktailsBourbon obsessives empty their wallets for rare bottles, but you can make delicious bourbon cocktails with much more affordable whiskeys. “This is the whiskey behind some of the best cocktails in the US,” proclaims Chicago-based bartender Adam Sarkis. Anderson says it’s her “dive-bar favorite—I have a lot of good and blurry memories with this whiskey.”The Best Sipping Whiskey Under $100Okay, say you’re looking for something a little fancier for sipping or you’re wondering about the best whiskey gift for a special occasion.

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