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The Best Tortilla Press for Freshly Made Tortillas, Anytime

The Best Tortilla Press for Freshly Made Tortillas, Anytime

With masa or masa harina in hand, all you need is water (if you’re starting with masa harina), a little salt, and a tortilla press. Most are made from cast iron, but some manufacturers make tortilla presses from steel, aluminum, and even wood. Because there are so many options and such a range in price, choosing the best tortilla press is easily the most overwhelming part of making homemade tortillas. Read on to see which tortilla presses performed the best, how I tested each one, and which ones to avoid altogether. Best budget tortilla press: Victoria 8-Inch Cast-Iron Tortilla PressThis was the first tortilla press I ever bought for myself when I was first learning to make tortillas at home—and at just under $20, I maintain that it’s the perfect budget press, even after stacking it up against a variety of competitors.

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