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The Best Savory Waffles Start With Collard Greens

The Best Savory Waffles Start With Collard Greens

As we reach the final stretch of winter and stumble into spring—and the weird, impatient in-between-season vibes really kick in—the current abundance of collard greens is the one thing brightening my spirits. The waffles lean savory—Richards pairs them with pan-fried fish and sweet, spicy maple-laced hot sauce. While the collard greens and pot likker make the waffles more rich and flavorful, they also help the waffle’s texture. The key to making delicious collard waffles is to start with really delicious collard greens: “As long as you’ve got that, it’s really simple,” says Richards. “You want to get all of those flavors.”While you can make these waffles with chopped, uncooked collard greens, using cooked leftover greens means you get more flavor and dimension into the dish, without extra preparation.

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