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The Best Kitchen Towels for Drying, Wiping, and Dining

The Best Kitchen Towels for Drying, Wiping, and Dining

There are certain things in my kitchen I simply cannot have enough of: good, salty dark chocolate, Nordic Ware sheet pans, and most of all, kitchen towels. Beyond sopping up spills and protecting bare fingers from the handle of a hot pan, I also use kitchen towels for drying and storing lettuce and tender greens. These prettier varieties, sometimes called tea towels, sometimes called dish towels, can be used to dab the clean salad bowl dry, or to dry your hands. The Workhorse TowelsNo-nonsense Zeppoli dish towels and plain white flour sack towels are favorites of the service industry, and for good reason. Dusen Dusen Dish Towels, Set of 4 $68 at BloomingdalesBlue Cotton Dish Towels, Set of 5 $12 at Amazon

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