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Tara O’Brady’s Holiday Biscuits Go Sweet or Savory

Tara O’Brady’s Holiday Biscuits Go Sweet or Savory

This was true on regular days, but on Christmas morning they took the tendency to the extreme. Enter Christmas Bread, which wasn’t a bread exactly, but a biscuit-meets-foccacia tray-baked wonder. Although my lads no longer wake at such an ungodly hour, Christmas Bread remains a compulsory tradition, now exclusively served with brunch. Befitting the move to the main event, the bread (biscuits, really) became correspondingly that much more festive, with the addition of sour cream and a boost of butter. Photo by Tara O'BradyOur standard Christmas Bread is a mottled biscuit with Gruyėre and spinach, which grants a sense of accomplishment for getting a vegetable into my children before noon.

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