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How to Pot-Roast Carrots and Other Vegetables

How to Pot-Roast Carrots and Other Vegetables

In chef Ned Baldwin’s cookbook How to Dress an Egg, pot roasts made up of a single vegetable appear repeatedly. There are pot-roasted leeks, pot-roasted carrots, pot-roasted beets, and pot-roasted spring onions. The treatment he gives these vegetables is the same as he gives pork shoulder, which leads me to believe that all of these dishes can be considered proper “pot roasts.” So why do I want to call the vegetables not pot roasts but pot-roasted instead? Cook at a low temperature (250 degrees for the leeks, 300 for the carrots) until the vegetables can handle a thin knife with no resistance. But this spring, when sugary new carrots, beets, and alliums come out of the ground, maybe we should roast them gently.

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