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How Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Insulted Katy Perry and \"Firework\"

How Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Insulted Katy Perry and \"Firework\"

Chrissy Teigen just revealed that she accidentally insulted Katy Perry and the song \"Firework,\" and it's all incredibly *😂*. Apparently, the moment went down a few weeks back when Chrissy was in Washington D.C. with her husband John Legend, who performed after Joe Biden's Inauguration. Katy was also there performing \"Firework\" during a literal fireworks display, and Chrissy ran into her—which is when things took a turn for the awk. This content is imported from YouTube. “I remember I was so scared because we ran into Katy Perry after, and I always say dumb things,” Chrissy told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

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