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Best Knife Blocks, Docks, and Magnetic Strips to Store Knives (2021)

Best Knife Blocks, Docks, and Magnetic Strips to Store Knives (2021)

Finding the right home for high-quality knives—whether it's a knife block, magnetic strip, or something else entirely— is more than just a question of kitchen organization. $70 at AmazonIf you have the space, a magnetic knife strip mounted on the wall above your counter is a great way to store your knives. Countertop Knife Block with Top Slots: Wüsthof Designer 13-Slot Knife BlockWüsthof Designer 13-Slot Knife Block This Wüsthof knife block is like a sculpture for your kitchen counter, and the crisscross slot configuration allows you to put any knife anywhere, in whatever way you like. A Stylish Alternative: Mercer Culinary Genesis Tempered Glass BlockMercer Culinary Genesis Tempered Glass Block This knife block is more like a work of art. Henckels International Hardwood Knife Block This heavy-duty angled knife block is available in five finishes, including white, bamboo, and wood (pictured).

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