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A Can of Soup Is the Secret to These Stew-y Spiced Baked Eggs

A Can of Soup Is the Secret to These Stew-y Spiced Baked Eggs

Creamy soups, chunky soups, noodle soups, bisques—I probably could have named the column Three Eggs and a Soup and still had enough to work with for a few months of meals. But I love lentils in any form, especially with eggs, so that seemed as a good a jumping-off point as any. To key to this easy baked eggs recipe is beginning with as blank a canvas as you can find—that is, the most boring and plain-looking can of lentil soup that your local grocery store has to offer (like this one from Amy’s). Save the “Lentil + Vegetable,” “Golden Lentil,” “Butternut and Lentil,” “Creamy Lentil,” and “Sausage & Lentil” for another time: Today is all about “Lentil,” no flair, nothing extra. Serve this pan of baked eggs by itself or with flatbread for scooping, and prepare to fight with your dining companion over that third egg.

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