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5 Simple Tips for Baking Taller, Flakier Biscuits

5 Simple Tips for Baking Taller, Flakier Biscuits

If your biscuits aren't reaching the great heights that you'd like them to, these five tips will help you get there. With tender pastries like pie crust and biscuits, you're trying to develop as little gluten as possible in the dough, which keeps your treats from becoming tough. However, your biscuit dough should be uneven and barely stay together — that's what will help create those airy pockets of buttery goodness. Whether you're making round or square biscuits, be sure you're using a knife or biscuit cutter, and that you're not twisting as you cut. This steam is a big part of how the biscuits achieve their height, as it evaporates up and out.

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