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23 Gifts for Gardeners That Are Actually Good

23 Gifts for Gardeners That Are Actually Good

I compiled this list of the best gifts for gardeners, including practical-yet-niche gardening tools, beautifully designed attire for mucking about outside, and things they wouldn't think to buy themselves. It's expensive, I know, which is what makes it actually gift-worthy for someone who loves to spend all day outside. A grow light for inside germinationExpert gardeners know to get a head start on gardening season, planting their seeds indoors well before the last frost of the year. A soil-testing kit for a good harvestMany beginning gardeners attempt to grow their own produce and become discouraged after a lackluster harvest year. Slate Markers With Wax Pen $24 at RejuvenationA collapsible wheelbarrowI didn't actually know these existed until I began making this gift guide.

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