This Texas Sheet Cake's an Easter Master Peeps

This Texas Sheet Cake's an Easter Master Peeps

By Leslie Kelly

Sheet cakes are crazy popular for many reasons. They feed a ton of people. They're easier for novice bakers to tackle than layer cakes. And, most importantly, they're a lot of fun to decorate. At Allrecipes' HQ, resident designer and artist extraordinaire Julian Birchman recently accepted the fun challenge to cover a Texas Sheet Cake with a flock of Peeps. He created a masterpiece, ah, wait... a masterPEEPS. If you're looking for Easter cake ideas with Peeps, search no further!

Image zoom Peeps cake finished | Photo by Leslie Kelly

After staring at the blank canvas that was the top of a white sheet cake and the nearby pile of every shade of Peep available — so many colors, including the special edition orange — he came up with his clever plan. "What if we had them arranged so it looks like they're coming up, out of water?" he asked. Genius!

Prepping the Peeps involved snipping off various pieces and the table where the Peeps cake was taking shape soon looked like a bizarre surgical ward. Peeps parts everywhere! Fortunately, they still taste as sweet when they're sliced up in the name of art, and there were plenty of Allrecipeeps willing to devour Peeps parts, some even sharing their warm and fuzzy Peeps memories. "Have you ever seen a Peeps sword fight in the microwave?" one Peeps fan asked. No, and who thinks of these things? And, yeah,


Once all the assorted shapes of Peeps were assembled, the white cake got a generous shot of blue sprinkles and it started looking like the surface of a sun-dappled lake. Well, maybe more like an Olympic-style swimming pool all set for a mess of Peeps to pop up. First the heads rise, then a little bit more and a few more rows before the final full Peep in all its hot pink glory. Awwwdorable, right?

Image zoom Peeps cake from the side. | Photo by Leslie Kelly

Right after putting the last Peep in place, Julian started talking about the possibility of future Easter cake decorating ideas with Peeps. Stay tuned!

Of course, you don't have to be an artist to create your own Master Peeps sheet cake. This decorating project would be a blast to do with kids. And if you've got leftovers, you can always make Peeps flavored vodka!

Here's a short video of Julian's Master Peeps Sheet Cake.