The 10+ Best Rums You Can Buy

The 10+ Best Rums You Can Buy

By Alexis Morillo, Editorial Fellow, Alexis Morillo Is The Editorial Fellow At Delish.Com Where She Covers Breaking Food News, Viral Food Trends.

Rum is a staple when it comes to putting together your at home bar. It's great for mixing drinks like piña coladas, mojitos, dark 'n' stormies, and so many more. Like most liquors, there are some varieties that are best for making into drinks and others that are better for enjoying on the rocks, and it all comes down to the aging and distilling process. Before we get into all the best bottles you can buy, let's break down the different kinds of rum and what they're best used for, whether that be sipping or as a base for rum cocktails.

White or Clear Rum

White or clear rums are aged one or more years and then filtered to get rid of any color they may acquire during the aging process. Thus, they appear clear in the bottle. These rums have a mild, light body which makes them good for mixing into drinks where you don't want the liquor flavor to be too overpowering, such as a mojito.

Gold Rum

While rum is aged, usually in oak barrels, it takes on different colors. Gold or pale rums have a darker hue than clear rums and have hints of more vanilla, almond, and citrus notes because of the aging process. This rum is best used in cocktails that want a more noticeable rum taste or in baking recipes like rum cake.

Dark Rum

Dark rum is aged the longest of all the types of rum. The process takes place in wooden casks which give it the dark color and a smokey taste. This rum is good for sipping because of its complex flavors.

Spiced Rum

Spiced rums are aged for around the same time as dark rum, but spices are added to the barrels to give them a unique taste. These rums are most often flavored with different seeds, dried fruits, edible flora, ginger, and cinnamon, among other spices.