Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Taco Soup Recipe

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Taco Soup Recipe

By Cindy Smith, Dave Bartsch, Kim Hayes, Martha Bledsoe, Allrecipes Staff


Mine came out too rich-flavored for my wife's or my tastes. I think that's mainly because of how much Neufchatel cheese it calls for -- if I make it again, I'll reduce the cheese by half, and ...

Cindy Smith 92 13

it was awesome and I didn't change a thing ! Read more

Lynda 37 9

I wish you had a rating higher then Five stars. This recipe is excellent! I did add black beans and kidney beans because my daughter said otherwise it wasn’t taco soup. I added more taco seasoni... Read more

Brian 2 1

I made it with rotisserie chicken in a pot on the stove, but it was still amazing. I am going to try it in the slow cooker next time. Read more

Dave Bartsch 17 6

This recipe was excellent. I didn’t change a thing. My wife has 0 tolerance for spiciness. She took one bite and declared it was too spicy for her. I, on the other hand, thought it had the right... Read more

Karen 239 4

It was delicious. I used cream cheese instead of the Neufchâtel cheese. Read more

Kim Hayes 57 19

I made this tonight but in my instant pot. Sauteed the onion and green pepper, then added all the other ingredients except the cheese, and I didn't bother coating the chicken - just dumped in th... Read more

Cheryl 2 1

Very good. Even better the next day. I did add a cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese to it at the end. More for color than anything else. Read more

Beth 29 3

Was very good of course I added lots of garlic, Serrano powder, crushed red and used my hot hatch Chiles. Read more