Our Greatest Hits In 2015 (It Was A Very Good Year!)

Our Greatest Hits In 2015 (It Was A Very Good Year!)

By Leslie Kelly

Our Greatest Hits In 2015 (It Was A Very Good Year!)

Let's have a year-end toast to all the fun we've had at Allrecipes connecting and engaging with our members, casual users, hardcore fans. Thank you very much for clicking! Here are some of the posts that got monster hits on our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram during a year when we launched a new look and a more social media friendly feel. See you in 2016!

This Thanksgiving creation darned near broke the Internet, with the adorable video logging more than 3 million views and counting.

Another video smash, that drew more than 500K looks and nearly 5,000 likes on Facebook, and inspired year-round cravings for this nostalgic treat.

Forget butter, corn is better with bacon. And the massive love for this one proves that you can never go wrong wrapped anything in bacon.

Image zoom Photo by Christina

Sweet and tart and a whole lot of creamy goodness in the middle, it's no big shock that this good-looking goody got shared so much. It's surfaced nearly 100 times in the cool new "I Made It" feature on the site.

Image zoom Lemon cream cheese bars were a big hit on social media. Photo by Lutzflcat

It wasn't just over-the-top stuff that spoke to folks on social. During a year when roasted cauliflower was super hot, this spicy take on the famous wings got people all fired up.

Image zoom Photo by Anna Berman

The bird is always a Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner, but this savory preparation went wild with the added attraction of slow cooker, set-it/forget-it kind of cooking.

Image zoom Photo by Sherri

There's much to recommend this cruciferous vegetable, especially when bring bacon into the equation.

Image zoom Photo by Lyn

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese on a skewer? Yes, please, and thank you.