15 Best Tequilas Of 2020

15 Best Tequilas Of 2020

By Alexis Morillo, Editorial Fellow, Alexis Morillo Is The Editorial Fellow At Delish.Com Where She Covers Breaking Food News, Viral Food Trends.

When it comes to tequila, there is way more to it than meets the eye. While margaritas are objectively delicious, tequila can be used for other mixed cocktails and enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Depending on how you plan to drink it will help you decide what bottle to go for at the liquor store, and you'll never have to be perplexed by the number of options on the shelf with this list. But, first things first, we need to go through a little background behind the three main types of tequila: blanco, reposado, and añejo.

The difference is all in the aging process. Blanco (sometimes called silver) is un-aged tequila, and is usually bottled very soon after it's distilled. As the name suggests, blanco tequila is the clearest in color and goes well in mixed drinks or as a complement to Mexican dishes. Reposado tequilas are rested for two months to a year before being bottled up, and typically rest in oak barrels so they take on a bit of a gold color through the process. Añejo is aged for at least one year (but less than three years), giving it a gold or light brown color compared to the others. This longer aging process gives it more complex flavors that can be better appreciated when sipped alone rather than mixed into a cocktail.

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