13 Best Foods And Drinks At Universal's Islands of Adventure

13 Best Foods And Drinks At Universal's Islands of Adventure

By Tess Koman, Senior Editor, Tess Koman Covers Breaking, Food, News, Opinion Pieces, Features On Larger Happenings In The Food World.

It's been a minute since we've been at our beloved Universal Orlando Resort (you do remember how I sacrificed my sanity to eat through Halloween Horror Nights , don't you??). Anyway, this time I took a bit more of an evergreen adventure and asked my friend Julia (of Julia Tries fame!) to eat and drink through Islands of Adventure with me. We had...a really good time. And, most importantly, we ate...really well. Ready?

Fork, Knife, & Spoon Grilled Cheese; Mythos Chelsea Lupkin Guys. Guys! The uber-famous Mythos has a new menu addition, and that addition is perfection. The Fork, Knife, & Spoon grilled cheese is dunked right into a pool of sweet and creamy tomato sauce before it's topped with deep-fried pork belly bits. I'll say it again for the people in the back: GRILLED CHEESE, TOMATO SOUP, AND DEEP-FRIED PORK BELLY BITS.

Wellington Cheeseburger With Curly Fries; Wimpy's Chelsea Lupkin What a blessing to have been at the park while Wimpy's was open! The burger was exactly as hefty as I'd always pictured and the ranch-y sauce that tops it is both tangy and thick. The curly fries are obviously (obviously) not to be slept on either.

Peanut Butter Diamond; Croissant Moon Bakery Chelsea Lupkin This ultra-luxe, chocolate-glazed, peanut butter mousse-stuffed delight is available right at the park's entrance for just $3. Would I say you'd be insane to walk right by the bakery and not get it? Nah. Would I say it would be insane to do that? Yes. Yes I would.

Sweet and Sour Sticky Ribs; Confisco Grille Chelsea Lupkin Sure, you might not begin your day in Islands of Adventure thinking "I bet there's a great spot for sticky ribs served over goat cheese polenta here," but you would be wrong! Confisco's rib plate is piled high with all of the above and it is very much worth your time.

Watermelon Lemonade; Backwater Bar Chelsea Lupkin Right next door to Confisco is the Backwater Bar, which is not only dimly lit and heavily air-conditioned (I cannot overstate how important this is!), but it's also got a myriad of colorful, 'grammable drinks to work through. My fav? The Watermelon Lemonade, which goes down so easily, you might want to order two in one go.

Rice Bowl; Thunder Falls Terrace Chelsea Lupkin Moving deeper into the park, you'll find even more vegan and vegan-friendly offerings. The best of them all is undoubtedly this rice-heavy bowl, which featured shredded up jackfruit as its "protein." The stuff tastes just like BBQ shredded pork and is fantastic when paired with the caramelized plantains that come plopped on top. A+, y'all. A+.

Mai Tai; The Watering Hole Chelsea Lupkin Sure, yeah, it may have been fun to enjoy that aforementioned good-for-you offering, but the Mai Tai and the nearby Watering Hole is decidedly not as good for you, but it's, like, so, so good. Grenadine to the face, rum to the gut. Yum.

Turkey Leg, Jurassic Park Hot Dog Stand Chelsea Lupkin I mean.

Felix Felicis (Liquid Luck); Honeyduke's Chelsea Lupkin We couldn't help but wander back into Hogsmeade (TBT! Missed you!!!), and when the kind folks at Wizarding World suggest we throw Liquid Luck into our day of eating, we were delighted. Firstly, it tastes like the most delicious of cough drops. Secondly, that lowkey hit of sugar was exactly what we needed to plow on.

Chicken Kebab; Doc Sugrue’s Desert Kabab House Chelsea Lupkin I cannot stress to you enough what a perfect theme park lunch this is. Juicy, portable chicken enveloped in fresh veg and a toasted pita? Truly! Ideal!

Lorax Cupcake; Snookers & Snookers Sweet Candy Cookers Chelsea Lupkin Finally—Seussland. This vanilla-on-vanilla cupcake checks all the boxes of a soul-fulfilling dessert: (1) it's sweet, but not too sweet, (2) it's just dolloped with frosting, and (3) it's LARGE.

Green Eggs & Ham Tots; Green Eggs and Ham Cafe Chelsea Lupkin How could you not!? These tots are reminiscent of HHN's pizza fries in that they are a vat of deeply cheesy potatoes topped with a meaty, bite-sized, well, meat, and a classic, universally beloved sauce (pesto!).

Who Hash; Green Eggs and Ham Cafe Chelsea Lupkin See above, but swap ham for pastrami. Now bottle it up into a very photogenic and cute lil vessel. Voila. Crushed it.

Tess Koman Senior Editor Tess Koman covers breaking (food) news, opinion pieces, and features on larger happenings in the food world.

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